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Looking to Finance your Next Vehicle Purchase? You Can Count on Koons!

If you have your eye on a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram but are hesitant about its affordability - relax! The hardworking professionals in the Koons Tysons finance team take pride in securing our customers the best possible car loan and car lease deals, complete with reasonable down payments and monthly rates. The second you submit our online financing application, our team will get hard to work on securing you the best rate for the vehicle you want most. Interested in using your current vehicle as a trade? Check out the Koons online trade-in appraisal to achieve top value. From Arlington, Washington D.C., Vienna and beyond - drivers all over the Beltway know they can trust the Koons auto family for all their new and used vehicle financing needs!

Buying Vs. Leasing: Which is Right for You?

Part of the fun of working at a place like Koons Tysons Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is encountering all the different people we meet every day. And because every one of our customers is different, we know that our array of finance options may each suit our Arlington, Washington, D.C., Alexandria and Virginia clients differently. Curious as to whether owning or leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle is better for you? Read on to learn a bit more about each process.

Financing a New Vehicle at Koons

When your schedule of financed payments expires, it means you own your vehicle outright. That means your financed car, truck or SUV is your yours to keep, sell privately or trade-in for one of the latest editions in our expansive lineup of new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep-brand or RAM vehicles.

When you set up an affordable finance package at Koons, you also get other benefits. Firstly, you're not subject to the mileage restriction found in many lease packages. And since many of our finance packages allow you to pay a higher total amount off over the course of your loan, you might choose to explore additional customization options on things like interior fabrics, technology upgrades and paint color.

Leasing a New Vehicle at Koons

When you lease your new car, truck or SUV with us, you agree to drive it for a stated period of time in exchange for regular monthly payments. The greatest advantage to leasing? You can upgrade to a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep-brand or RAM model sooner than those who opt for long-term financing. That's because since most common lease agreements only have terms between one to four years. Leasing is a great way to stay on the cusp of each of our brand's most recent breakthroughs in performance, safety and on-board connectivity.

That said, we also offer drivers from Arlington, Washington, D.C., Alexandria and Virginia a variety of long-term lease packages that can allow them to drive their leased vehicle options or even buy it out right when their lease agreement ends.

If you're interested in learning more about the array of finance options available to you from the Koons Automotive Family, we invite you to visit Koons Tysons Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM today to drive home a new car, truck or SUV with the added joy of knowing you've made a sound investment for not just your automotive future, but for your financial future as well.

No-Hassle Trade Evaluation
Our trade-in experts at Koons Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will give you the most market reflective vehicle pricing for your used car, truck, van, or SUV.

Buy vs Lease
Buying a car is easy, how you pay for it is a little more involved. If you're looking for information on what works better for you click here.

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Auto Finance Vocabulary

Buying a vehicle is an easy process. Like any industry, however, the financing world has its share of odd and sometimes difficult to understand language. Here's a short list of the most common terms used during the finance process:

> APR:
The Annual Percentage Rate

> Assignment:
A transfer of a loan from one lender to another

> Base Price:
The costs of a car with standard equip incentives & freight

> Certificate of Title
A Legal document issued by a state at the time of sale.

> Co-signer:

A person who takes on a loan if the orig. borrower stops pay

> Default:
Failure to meet the terms of the loan

> Interest:
A percentage charge for a loan

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

> Refinance:
When one loan is used to pay off another

> Term:
The length of the loan, 24, 48, 60... months

> Underwriting:
Verifying the data used to obtain a loan
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